How To Cheating Card Games


From past few years cheating in Card Games and other poker games, nowadays is a very common practice which has gained vast popularity with the connection of many websites, companies and trade market. Cards games are particularly popular in casinos and other gambling establishment. All these companies and casinos serve a huge base of customer where gambling and betting are regularly practiced. For this purpose, the demands for new tricks and methods in cheating have increased rapidly. India is also an important center in this trade and sells high quality of Cheating Playing Cards, other Cheating Software and Spyware.

In India, Cheating at Cards has gained much more popularity because there are many other ways which allocate means to cheat and win successfully at cards. So people are very much interested and enthusiastic and also invested a lot of money in these gambling games.

There are various card shuffling techniques that can be used to cheat at card games like BLACKJACK and POKER. It can take simple math with a little practice and preparation. For winning the card games a few steps are important likes-

  • Search for ideal card using overhand shuffle
  • Float ideal cards to the top of the deck
  • Reverse the order of the cards of a bottom deal
  • Order the cards to fall in hands.

 In BLACKJACK Method there are few steps like

  • Assignapoint value to thecards being dealt
  • Calculate the point value of the deck with each hand
  • Asses the true count.

In between many cheating cards and devices some of the popular Cheating Playing Cards in India especially in Delhi is

Cheating Contact Lenses, Spy Marking Cards, K3 Playing Card Device, Shirt Cuff Playing Card Device etc. The scopes of winning in card games are enormous because of the availability of the products in the market.

There are many kind of CARD TRICKS and this kind of card tricks required quickness, intelligence and tricky methods. The rising card is a very simple and easy card tricks which can create an illusion and the other tricks like LIFTS (This technique extract one or more cards from a deck, a double lift made to extract two cards from the deck but held together to appear as one card) FALSE DEALS (It used to appear to deliver cards when actually the cards are known to the performer) FALSE SHUFFLINGS (It mainly appear to shuffle a deck but actually the cards are maintained in an order and an illusion being performed) SIDE SLIPS (It used to bring a known card to the top of a deck or the second card from the top of the deck. In this trick depth perception plays a key role since it is obvious where card placement happens) REVERSES (Card reverses are techniques where one or more cards in a deck are made to change their direction) etc.

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