Advanced Plastic One To One Wireless Walkies Talkie

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The super sense of walkie talkie is a hands-free digital GSM network monitor / talkback one machine. It is without distance limitations and can automatically store 2 of the first dial phone numbers for emergency call. This product also can monitor the scene of sound and double talk and is suitable for infants that are the elderly, patients and anti-theft alarm voice remote monitoring. It has a small volume, beautiful appearance, simple operation to meet the requirement of different speech monitoring field.

How to use the walkie talkie:

1. The battery cover is opened, and the valid SIM card into the card slot, according to the direction of the battery correctly installs the battery and covers the battery cover.
2. Start: press POWER button for 5 seconds, red light flashing, said the boot.
3. Shutdown: press POWER key for 5 seconds, red light goes off.
4. Power shortages: red light flash said to charge.
5. Shutdown state: red light, blue light.
6. Power: red light slow flash, blue light.
7. Shutdown state charging complete, red light, blue light goes out.
8. Blue light flashes from caller ID or call.
9. Store phone numbers, first called the machine number, automatic storage 1SOS, another call, second dial the number that are automatically stored in the 2SOS, storage a total of 2 Guardian number, emergency call double 1SOS or 2SOS storage, the dial out.
10. Empty the storage phone number, press 1SOS key for 5 seconds, blue light a person said to remove 1 phone number, press 2SOS key for 5 seconds the same blue lights flash said it has removed 2 phone numbers.
Volume adjustment: press 2SOS key to increase the volume, press 1SOS to reduce the volume.
Hook: short press POWER key to return to the standby state.
Lithium battery compatible with NOKIA-5C battery or charger 5PIN.
Through network support, China Mobile, China Unicom.
SIM card must be removed when the machine is shut down, so as to avoid damage to the SIM card.

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1. Connected to devices before using
2. Remove the battery when not use it

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    This is the best product i ever used for connecting with people..!!

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