Covert Poker Shoe Pin Hole Camera Lens Monitoring System


What kind of cheating device can really help you to win the money from poker gambling? Have you even use poker shoe pin hole camera lens monitoring system?It is very good item for playing Blackjack poker games.
A magical poker shoe pin hole camera:
This is a magical poker shoe which will bring you more benefits. In a big casino, there will be a poker shoe on the table to help the dealer to deal poker cards successfully, especially for those poker games necessary with several decks of poker cards. After the cards have been marked, this poker shoe can help you to see each card in the shoe. After the poker shoe camera scan the cards, the cards point will be shown on monitor (TV or computer or cell phone), you can know all the cards.

How to use poker shoe camera system:

This camera system must be operated by 2 people together, one person is in charge of dealing, the other should be stay in background to see what the camera has scanned and tell dealer the cards point.

Merit of pin hole camera with monitoring system:

The camera can scan the cards and you can know the cards point and suits from the background monitor soon before the cards have been dealt.

Accessories of pin hole monitoring camera lens system:
The poker shoe pin hole monitoring camera lens system obtain a pin hold camera lens, a receiver, a transmitter, a monitor, a pair of earpieces. This whole system can help you win money without any pressure and you will know poker suits and points right away.

For your information:

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